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Instagram Indonesia reveals that the reasons for IGTV are less popular

Sri Widowati, Indonesia's Country Head on Facebook, said the lack of popularity of IGTV features on Instagram was due to the need for user expertise to create long-term content on IGTV. Thus, according to him, IGTV is more widely used by content creators and advertisers.

"It takes more expertise to create content on IGTV than Story, and all users can temporarily use IGTV if content creators and adversaries generally use it," Widowati told Indonesia's Facebook office in Jakarta. Tuesday (3/5).

However, he could not say the exact number of percentages of Instagram users in Indonesia who use IGTV at that time.

To increase the use of IGTV's features, Widowati and his team are trying to provide active support for IGTV to be as popular as Instagram Story.

"We are trying to provide support so that the IGTV network can grow further because we know that users who watch the video will continue to increase their consumption," he said.

While the use of IGTV as a business promotion event, Tokopedia's social media manager, Maritsen Darvita, revealed that the company currently uses IGTV to promote products on the Tokopedia platform.

Like Maritsen, Dobita Amanda, social media manager at Wardah, revealed that Wardah was also considering marketing their products via IGTV. Dobita admitted that some of his followers were not happy with the 1-minute or 15-second videos.

"In fact, for Wardah, we go there (IGTV) because our subscribers are not satisfied with the video that lasts 1 minute or 15 seconds," Dobita said.

"Doing IGTV should not be careless, so you need a more mature process," he continued.

In the business context, according to Widowati, of the 7 million Indonesian businessmen who use Instagram accounts, 2 million of them chose to promote products via Instagram Story. Currently, the total number of Instagram users in Indonesia is 45 million.

According to Widowati, businessmen prefer the Story feature to market their products because they can engage in active interactions with their consumers.

"Through the products of expression and interaction, consumers can interact directly with businessmen, for example by asking for information about the products offered, the price, etc.," said Widowati.