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Google Lens is now integrated with MIUI Camera applications

Lately, Xiaomi has made numerous announcements and the latest news indicates whether this Chinese company has another ad this week. Xiaomi has launched the integration of Google Lens into the default MIUI camera app. With this integration, users no longer need to download the Google Lens app because this platform is available in one click.

The confirmation arrived at the MIUI forum in some parts of India.

Google Lens essentially provides you with the context of things around you, including animals, books, musical covers, points of interest, QR scanners, landscape recognition, and more. It can also automatically collect information from a business card and save it so you do not have to use it. You can also tell the camera the date of the calendar and immediately add tasks to your calendar.

For now, this feature works only on the F1, Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Y2 pocophones with Beta ROM after activating the option in Settings.

There is no known support for other devices at the moment, but I hope other devices will soon have this support. To launch it, you must have the latest version, then open the default MIUI Camera application. Google Lens is located in the context menu, hidden behind the sandwich menu or the third line in the upper right corner.