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1 year, the funds encourage non-monetary transactions

As the non-cash movement expanded, the digital financial ecosystem continued to grow in Indonesia. One of the digital portfolio service providers, Dana, continues to demonstrate its capabilities as a digital payment infrastructure.

"Funds are increasingly being used by all sectors of Indonesian society to increase the productivity of all their economic activities," said Vincent Iswara, CEO of Dana.

From the beginning, said Vincent, the Fund has been designed as an infrastructure for cashless and cashless payment transactions, which offers convenience and speed, and is an intelligent, flexible and secure security.

"As an open platform digital payment infrastructure, the Fund offers opportunities and benefits to all online and offline commercial players, including startups, and payments can be made by debit or account. using a credit card used quite often by Dana on their products, "said Vincent.

Vincent gives an example of different types of entrepreneurs, both offline and online, who can directly perform all transactions digitally, whether in cash or card.

Offline entrepreneurs include traditional market traders, transit drivers, individual point-of-sale merchants with hundreds of branches such as Ramayana, KFC, Sour Sally, Gulu Gulu, Bento Hoka-Hoka, Wendy's , Coffee beans, Baskin Robbins, GM noodles, Domino, Rejuve, up to Kopi Kulo and Kopi Memangan.

Funds can also be used on Moka POS network users. They are also able to pay using credit cards and debit cards stored in Dana's digital wallet.

Meanwhile, online entrepreneurs, such as e-commerce and social media professionals, or individual startups, may be willing to make cashless and cardless transactions using the services available in the digital wallet. Dana.