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Waiting for Mourinho's fate at Manchester United

"Jose, a sad season for you, can we explain?

"Sorry, but try to mention the other leaders who can reach sixth place in the league, enter the Europa League when a conspiracy comes up to him and his team.I think we also have only six players this season Six players. "

"And the next season?"

"We will be champions, but we have to compete in the Premier League 5v5 because of the various injuries we have suffered."

"Are you sure you win?

"Of course, I trained my sixth sense for that kind of thing."

The above conversation took place when a reporter questioned Jose Mourinho about the poor performance of his team.

Of course, the interview was fictitious and Mourinho was a character imitated by Conor Moore: an Irish impressionist skilled at making parodies of famous characters, including the world of football.

The video of the fictional interview was created and uploaded by Moore on his Youtube account on July 22, 2017. In addition to Mourinho, Moore also imitated Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola in the video. Moore's imitation of Mourinho was very precise, especially when he said the word "think" to "flow".

If you see or hear Mourinho often speaking, you will know that the word "well" is one of the characteristics of the Manchester United manager. The pronunciation of the word "think" to "flow" is due to the rigid Portuguese language of Mourinho. This is interesting because Mourinho speaks six languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and French.

However, it is not only Moore's imitation that shakes his stomach, but also what he says. In declaring "... we must take part in the Premier League 5v5 competition because of the various injuries we have suffered," he also insinuated Mourinho, who has always had a reason to suffer defeat.

Sometimes he blames the referee, sometimes he suspects the existence of a global conspiracy that wants to destroy his career, sometimes he criticizes the performance of his own players in the media and sometimes he also makes fun of the opposing team who is not worthy of winning. Even if he admits his defeat, it does not happen because of his mistake, but rather, yes, it is the result.

A few years ago, while still at its peak, many observers said that all that Mourinho did was his psywar strategy of diverting the conversation from his team.

He is considered a coach willing to sacrifice himself for doing it.

It's just that since returning to Chelsea and now has his second season against United, Mourinho's luck seems to have run out. His pragmatic strategy has become a mockery. Especially after the two defeats suffered by United in the first three games of the English Premier League this season, Mourinho is like waiting for time to be expelled from Old Trafford.
Bad management or bad Mourinho?

Before the start of the English Premier League this season, Mourinho often complains about United's management performance in the transfer market. Until the closing of the exchange, the Red Devils' management had only three players, namely midfielder Fred, opposing defender Diogo Dalot and veteran goalkeeper Lee Grant.

Previously, several of Mourinho's targets were: Willian Borges (Chelsea), Toby Alderweireld (Tottenham Hotspur), Harry Maguire (Leicester City), Alex Sandro (Juventus), Yerry Mina (Barcelona), Ivan Perisic (Inter Milan), Ante Rebic (Eintracht Frankfurt) to Gareth Bale (Real Madrid).

The failures of United's management in the transfer market have almost always been expressed by Mourinho in every interview. He also criticized some of his main players who had not yet returned from a long vacation after the 2018 World Cup to participate in a training session, including Paul Pogba, Romelu Lukaku and Jesse Lingard.